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Aging Gracefully Masterclass:
Unlocking the Secrets with ACES

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In this masterclass, learn how to slow down aging and unlock lasting vitality. Discover the revolutionary ACES medicine model (Anatomical, Chemical, Energetic, Spiritual) and its power to combat the root causes of decline.


Harness the ACES framework to promote anatomical health, balance your biochemistry, maximize energy, and nourish your spirit. You'll feel more youthful, energetic, and alive as you experience the transformative effects of this holistic approach. You'll be able to tackle chronic health conditions, optimize your physical and mental performance, and cultivate a deep sense of well-being.

Live a more youthful and vibrant life, filled with boundless energy, clarity of mind, and a profound connection to your inner wisdom. Join us in this transformative journey and unlock the secrets to optimal health and longevity!

Key Benefits:

  • Enhance Physical Well-Being: Learn practical strategies to maintain your anatomical health, ensuring mobility and vitality.

  • Optimize Metabolic Health: Dive into biochemical secrets for a balanced metabolism and improved energy levels.

  • Revitalize Your Energy: Uncover energetic practices to replenish your life force and enhance mental clarity.

  • Spiritual Growth: Explore methods to nurture your spiritual well-being, fostering inner peace and happiness.

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ACES: Your Guide to a Vibrant Life



What is included in this Masterclass?


  • Decode the aging process and unlock your full potential

  • Personalized Anatomical Insights​

  • Transform your health at the Chemical level

  • Energetic Health Rejuvenation

  • Spiritual Wellness Integration

  • Practical Implementation

  • Natural Wellness Solutions

  • Equip yourself with the resources and guidance for continuing education

Aging Gracefully Masterclass:

Unlocking the Secrets with ACES

Starts May 15


✔️ 6 modules, 6+ hours (Video, Audio, and Reading Material)

✔️ A bonus chapter from " Facing East: Ancient Health and Beauty Secretes for the Modern Age."

✔️ 100% 30-day money back guarantee


Transform Your Aging Process:
Discover the Power of ACES Medicine


Presented by Dr. Jingduan Yang, MD
Founder of ACES Medicine

As the founder of the Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine and CEO of the Northern Medical Center, Dr. Yang has created centers of healing that embody his vision for a medicine that treats the whole person. His clinical work is complemented by his role as an educator and author, where he translates complex medical concepts into accessible knowledge.

Dr. Yang's publications include co-authoring "Clinical Acupuncture and Ancient Chinese Medicine" by Oxford University Press, "Facing East: Ancient Health and Beauty Secrets for the Modern Age," and contributing a chapter in "Mind Your Meds." These works showcase his expertise in acupuncture, medication management, and the holistic approach to cancer therapies.

Dr. Yang's scholarly work also includes valuable contributions to "Integrative Psychiatry" by Drs. Andrew Weil, Dan Monti, and Andrew Neuberger, expanding the dialogue between traditional healing practices and modern psychiatric methods. His exploration of cancer therapies underscores a commitment to treatments that support the patient's total well-being alongside conventional care.

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Question 1: Who is this course for?
Answer: Anyone looking to age gracefully, whether you're approaching middle age or are well into your senior years, will find invaluable insights and strategies in this course.


Question 2: What makes this course different?
Answer: "Aging Gracefully" is built on the unique ACES model, offering a holistic approach that covers anatomical, biochemical, energetic, and spiritual dimensions, unlike any other aging course.


Question 3: How long do I have access to the course?
Answer: Enroll once and gain lifetime access, including all future updates and bonus material.

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